Gertrude's Renovation

Gertrude is a 1961 Airstream Caravel. This blog will document the progress of her renovation,

Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Memorial Day Weekend

Well, I did not get even close to camping this weekend. Just too many projects and not enough time. But I had a very productive three-day weekend.

I had already removed all of the drawers, closet doors and cabinet doors and stored them in the garage. This weekend I sanded and stained all of the pieces in the garage, as well as the wood in the trailer. It badly needs to be reveneered, but that is "sometime in the future" project. I stained the wood golden pecan. it is darker than the original, but does not show the bad marks as much as a lighter stain would have. I put two coats of clear shellac on the pieces in the garage.

I also removed all of the broken and loose tiles from the floor. I scrubbed the old tile, and the floor is now ready for prepping for new flooring. Next weekend I will complete the shellac and remove the old toilet from the bath. Hopefully I will also be able to prep the floor for the new tile.