Gertrude's Renovation

Gertrude is a 1961 Airstream Caravel. This blog will document the progress of her renovation,

Saturday, May 07, 2005

Saturday, Day Four of Five

Today is beautiful. I opened up the front rock guard and cleaned the front window. What a difference it made. I decided to clean the two windows on the curb side as well. It looks SO much better. Then I decided to polish just a small area and see how it worked. I have Nuvite F7, which I plan to compound with. I took some of that polish and a towel and polished an area about the size of my hand. Just that little bit of hand polishing made a bright, shiny spot. Just think what it will do with the compounding polisher.

Today's "major" project was removing the old carpet. It was stapled down all around the perimeter. In the narrow "hallway" along the bed it was in small pieces and stapled all around each piece. After the carpet was out, I removed loose tiles in front of the door. The floor underneath was solid, no damage at all. I pulled loose tiles all around the edges and in the closet and when the dirt was vacuumed out, the floor was solid.